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Marley made her debut appearance in Keeping In Top Forme!. She was spotted unconscious floating down a river in a boat by Brock. He called out to her, trying to warn her of an oncoming waterfall, but she did not respond. He jumped in the river to stop the boat, and then used Happiny to pull them out of the water. Afterwards, Marley finally woke up and introduced herself.

Because Brock saved her, Marley asked him to escort her to a flower field. Ash and his friends eventually discovered that Marley was harboring an injured Shaymin. She explained that she was approached by Shaymin because it was being attacked by a trio of thugs who wanted to take it.

Marley eventually got to the flower field that had Gracidea flowers, and Shaymin was about to transform into its Sky Forme. There, it defeated Team Rocket and was reunited with its friends. Marley then bid Shaymin farewell. As Shaymin left, Marley informed Ash and his friends that it said goodbye to her telepathically.