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Powers and Abilities


Shape-Shifting: At the very least Marsh has displayed the ability to change the properties of his body to that of a liquid state. While the full extent of his shape shifting is unknown, Hank McCoy did compliment him on it. He showed the ability to reduce himself to liquid and disappear near instantaneously, appearing high in the air above his opponent or directly behind them and capable of firing liquid projectiles with considerable force from his mouth.

Strength level

Marsh possesses super human durability due to his liquid body, taking several powerful blows throughout his fights with seeming ease.


It is apparent that in order to use his powers for combat, at least some part of Marsh's body must remain solid, usually his head and chest. It may also be possible that his liquid body is subject to the standard laws of physics as he was vaporized by Cyclops's optic blast.


  • Marsh has powers that are very similar to the powers of Gorgeous George and they even share some similarities in their designs. It is unknown if these two characters are meant to be related to each other in any way.