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Martin "Marty" McFly is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the Back to the Future film trilogy, and is portrayed by actor Michael J. Fox. Marty was also the main protagonist in the animated series where he was voiced by David Kaufman.

In "The Courtship of Stewie's Father", Dr. Emmett Brown tells Marty and his girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, that their daughter will marry a black man in the future, in a parody of the end of Part I and the beginning of Part II. With Doc's tone, McFly realizes it would be better if he did not hang out with Doc anymore. Stewie Griffin called it a miscalculation when he set the scene.

In "Meet the Quagmires", an episode which heavily parodies the franchise, both Peter and Brian Griffin take roles that McFly held in Part I. Peter alters the timeline and has to get everything back to normal, while Brian performs a song at the dance which at the time doesn't exist, heavily influencing the actual original artist.

In "Baby Not On Board", Peter is dressed as McFly in a parody of the opening of Part I. Griffin's McFly even sings part of "The Power of Love", a song created for the film.

Marty is seen shouting at Stewie Griffin during a storm in "The Juice Is Loose". Marty wants to warn Stewie about his future, so Stewie tells Fox about his Parkinsons' disease-afflicted future.

He is also mentioned in the DVD cut of "Three Kings" in the Stand By Me segment.

Marty is seen from his appearance in Back to the Future Part III driving the 1885 Delorean railroad version in front of a train while Peter and Ernie The Giant Chicken fight in "Internal Affairs".

In "Finders Keepers", Lois accuses Peter of being played for a fool like Marty's father, George McFly. Acutaway shows that George is very much aware that Marty was the one that appeared in their past as he sets the carpet on fire as he mentions in the film. George takes off his belt as he pursues Marty to get more answers from him.

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  • A cutaway depicts George and Lorraine McFly from the Back to the Future films discussing the "coincidence" that their son Marty is a dead-ringer for the "Calvin Klein" they met in 1955. Lea Thompson reprises her role as Lorraine in that scene.