Masahiro Altland (昌弘・アルトランド Masahiro Arutorando?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series. He was the younger brother of Akihiro Altland.


Early Life

During childhood, his parents' trade ship was attacked by pirates. Like his brother, Masahiro was subsequently trafficked for money as a Human Debris.

He was bought by Brewers and was assigned as one of the Man Rodi's pilots and had his Alaya-Vijnana System implanted. While he remembered Akihiro's promise to find him, years of abuse had created within him a massive sense of pessimism and melancholy.

Ambushing Tekkadan

During the mission to capture Kudelia, he somehow captured the Mobile Worker piloted by Takaki. When Akihiro tried to retrieve it, he accidentally contacted-linked with Masahiro. Recognizing his brother, Masahiro lets his guard down and eventually released Takaki's Mobile Worker. He was then attacked by Azee. He was later punished by Kudal due to his mistake and was beaten.

Battle in Debris Zone & Death

In the next battle in the Debris Zone, he had a conversation with his brother. Masahiro tried to tell him that nothing can be change even if they are together due to their status as Human Debris. Akihiro tried to persuade him that there are still people who accept Human Debris as human and tries to persuade him to return with him to Tekkadan. However, this failed when Akihiro inadvertently told Masahiro that he had gave him up once. This statement and the sense of pessimism and melancholy that Masahiro developed over the years caused his sanity to snap, and he mistakenly thought Akihiro had completely abandoned him. Consequentially, he accepted his status as a Human Debris and proceeds to lecture Akihiro on the fate of all Human Debris.

Suddenly, when Gundam Gusion tried to slam the immovable Graze Custom and the Man Rodi along with it, Masahiro sacrifices himself by pushing the Graze Custom away and letting Gusion's strike crush his unit's cockpit, causing his death. Before dying, he shared a few words with Akihiro before holding hands for the last time.

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