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This is a Character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 series. He appeared in the Legend of the Dragons Episode. 


Catch Hisomi : We're gonna figure this out, and we're gonna catch him! Perhaps if you ran as fast as you talked, you would do better.No, we just have to remember what hisomi said about stealth and movement -- well, what he mimed about them, anyway. See it happen. Picture myself there.

Khan: While you walk on this earth, your spirit walks in another world. What you see with your eyes is only one plane of existence. What you feel with your heart and chi, that is the world of the spirit. To truly combat the coming evil, you must be able to manifest your spirit as an avatar. The spirit avatar taps into a warrior's deepest soul, manifesting a true totem of each warrior's inner being. Each of the members of the ninja tribunal manifest a dragon, the ancient symbol for wisdom and strength. The dragon is a very rare avatar. Let us see what lies hidden in your hearts, young warriors. Meditate on your inner spirit. Make it manifest. Quiet your mind to unleash your spirit. Observe tora yoshida. His avatar manifests. the wolf represents ferocity and speed. Behold adam's avatar. The bear represents strength. well done, joy renard. the hawk represents fearlessness. And feragi nagala manifests the lion, symbol of honor and courage. With concentration and training, you will soon be able to meld your worldly form with your spirit totem.

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