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She is the 5th Mizukakge. 


The current Mizukage, Mei Terumī, is apparently one as well. While nobody is dumb enough to actually say this, she often misconstrues one of her bodyguard's words as claiming this. She then promptly threatens to kill him if he won't shut up, while still maintaining a smile on her face.

  • The way she treats her younger bodyguard and her comments about Gaara and Sasuke have some fans joking that she fits the "fawning over younger men" part of the trope as well.
  • The fact that she called Sasuke attractive before trying to melt him doesn't help at all. For some it might however, and you know who you are.
  • This is even called out in the final chapter when the former Hokages have a get together and this subject comes up for Tsunade and Mei, with both expressing it's "too late for them" when it comes to romance.

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