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Melvin, Timmy, & Teether were orphaned at a young age. Part of the third generation of super heroes, much care was taken to ensure their safety until the day they could protect the world. A year after Trigon the Terrible was defeated, Raven was elected to meet the trio in the Alps at the Myrberg Station. Their leader, the girl, Melvin also revealed she had a friend named Bobby. Bobby is a giant monster that resembles a teddy bear. Unsure of trusting Raven, Bobby remained invisible and studied her. Raven concluded Melvin was merely a telekinetic. Timmy the middle child, was often jealous of the others and frequently threw tantrums. He carries his security blanket with him. The youngest child, Teether, is still an infant but eats everything. He also gets motion sick easily.

Raven was to deliver the trio to a group of monks but became the target of Monsieur Mallah. They survived his attacks on the train and ski lifts and were forced to travel to the cathedral drop point through alternative means. Alone and isolated, Raven bonded with the children despite her dislike of children. Ignoring Melvin's warning of Bobby's premonition, Raven delivered them to the monk's cathedral. Mallah ambushed the monks and proceeded to leave with the children. Raven tried to save them but failed and was about to be killed when Bobby revealed himself and saved everyone. Afterwards, Raven was summoned to another mission. Before leaving, she gave Melvin a Titans Communicator and consoled everyone one last time.

A short time later, after the Brotherhood of Evil attacked the world's heroes, Raven escaped capture. She arrived at the Paris base for the final showdown with Melvin, Bobby, Timmy, and Teether.