Miki (Japanese: ミキ Miki) was the character of the day in Hot Matches! Miki was very eager to battle Fire-type Pokémon, mostly to show off how powerful her Skarmory was against Pokémon with which it is at a disadvantage. Brock found Miki to be very pretty, however Miki mistook him as a Trainer who wanted to battle and challenged him, telling him to use a Fire type. It successfully defeated Brock's Vulpix and Ash's Cyndaquil. However, Ash believed that Cyndaquil could become stronger than it was if it could get its flame lit when it needed to and he began to train it. By the end of their training, Cyndaquil was able to get its flame on its back blazing without having to warm up. Miki decided to test Ash to see how well his training had progressed, and Cyndaquil proved to be powerful enough to defeat Skarmory. Miki complimented Ash on his training, and the group continued on their journey.


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