Miles "Chatterbox" Musket was the founder of Quahog, according to "Fifteen Minutes of Shame". Miles had the bad habit of talking nonstop. On his voyage to America, he was thrown overboard by his crew for talking about what he would do when he got to the new world. A clam saved him from drowning and brought him to Rhode Island. They became friends until he also drove the clam to irritation with his talking. The clam snapped at him asking if he ever shut up. Miles considered shooting the clam in his sleep but reconsidered, not knowing the clam saw him, and decided to leave him. Miles ran to him, telling him he's sorry, but he was too late. Since then, he never spoke again and remained on the beach, hoping the Magic Clam would one day return. He later died of a combination of tuberculosis and a tomahawk to the head.

However, in "Peter's Progress", it was revealed that this account of the founding of Quahog was a myth.

According to a legend spun by a waiter for Stewie Griffin in "Finders Keepers", Miles hid a treasure and the clues are located in the placemat. Peter becomes convinced it is real and the clues lead him and the town to the grave of Miles' son, Timmy Musket. When the treasure fever causes the town to turn against each other, Peter realizes what he has done, but Lois figures out that everyone is looking in the wrong place. She and Peter redirect their search to The Drunken Clam where they discover a treasure chest behind a painting of Miles beating his wife, Jane Musket. Inside the chest, they discover an expired promotional coupon for a free meal at The Founding Father Restaurant.

Miles was voiced by Will Ferrell.

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