Mira Bridger was a human female from the Outer Rim planet of Lothal who was an outspoken opponent of the rule of the Galactic Empire. She and her husband, Ephraim, broadcasted underground revolutionary messages against the Empire, and these actions were supported by Lothal's governor, Ryder Azadi. Because of their broadcasts, the Bridgers and Azadi were arrested and imprisoned by the Empire. This left their son, Ezra, to fend for himself on Lothal for nearly a decade.

While in prison, Mira and Ephraim eventually learned that Ezra had become part of a rebel cell that fought against the Empire on Lothal. They heard a message of rebellion that he broadcasted to Lothal and nearby star systems, a broadcast that inspired them to fight for their freedom from Imperial activity. Mira and her husband led a prison revolt that led to dozens of prisoners escaping, but Mira and Ephraim were killed during the escape.

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