Miss Piiza (ピーザ) is the promotional agent of Mr. Satan and his two top disciples, Caroni and Pirozhki. She appears in anime-only scenes during the Cell Games Saga, and also appears in a brief cameo during the Majin Buu Saga and Monaka Saga of Dragon Ball Super.

Video game appearances

The Hercule Exhibit #10 in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury is the Piiza Action Figure. The Lighthouse Keeper in the Thieves Den gives it in exchange for a root beer. The in-game description for this item is: "Hercule's P.R. Manager Piiza comes to life in this posable figure. Comes with three different outfits."

Voice actresses

  • Japanese: Miyoko Aoba (DBZ); Kumiko Nishihara (DB Kai), Yukiko Morishita (Super)
  • FUNimation dub: Linda Chambers-Young
  • Brazilian Portuguese dub: Márcia Regina


  • It is hinted that she and Mr. Satan may have had some sort of an affair. At one point during the Cell Games, Mr. Satan grabs a hold of her in fear and she blushes and replies "We're in public". Mr. Satan immediately releases his hold on her and she comments "You haven't done that in a while..."
  • In Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, an action figure of her and Mr. Satan can be displayed in Hercule Cafe under the caption "Pizza Action Figure".
  • Miss Piiza is only Mr. Satan's limo driver in the anime version of Dragon Ball Super. In the manga the limo driver is someone unnamed.


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