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Mizar, known as Mizael in the Japanese version, is a Barian Emperor appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime [5] who is working to gather the "Numbers" to save the Barian World. He was eventually defeated in a Duel and his soul was absorbed by Don Thousand. After Yuma Tsukumo's and Astral's final Duel, Mizar was revived by the power of the Numeron Code. His ultimate monster is Chaos Number 107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon.


When Mizar was a young child, raiders attacked his village and killed everyone, including his parents, (in the dub, they were kidnapped) but he was able to run away. He eventually ended up in a desert where he was on the verge of dying until Jinlonrescued him. The two formed a strong bond.[8] He also obtained "Number 46: Dragluon" as a result of his bonds with his dragon[8]. Since then, Mizar became a mighty dragon tamer who protected his land alongside Jinlon. When a secret agent posing as a wandering wandering shaman blamed the dragon for a deluge that flooded the village, Mizar defended him from the rioting villagers and even offered his life so the villagers would believe him. They were then ambushed by a neighboring army, which killed Mizar and Jinlon and took over the land (in the dub, Mizar betrayed Jinlon and attacked him alongside the villagers).[12] While he lay dying the wandering shaman, revealed to be Don Thousand, appeared, stating he could not let his dragon soul go to the Astral World. Thousand embedded "Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon" in Mizar's heart and filled it with hatred.

Mizar was reincarnated as one of the Seven Barian Emperors, as his soul was one that was connected to a Mythyrian "Number" card, which had sealed Thousand's power.[14] Mizar had no memory of his previous life, due to the "Over-Hundred Number" that he received from Don Thousand.[8] The Emperors plotted to destroy the Astral World. Due to both worlds being made of energy, they could not interact. As Barians cannot take "Numbers" directly, they exploited humans such as Vetrix and Dr. Faker.