Mizunoe (壬, Mizunoe) is a member of Konohagakure's Anbu faction Root.


o prevent Hiruzen from being reinstated as Hokage,Danzō gave Mizunoe and nine other Root members a mission to assassinate him. Disguised as a foreign shinobi, he fought the Anbu accompanying his target, who turned out to be a disguised Kakashi, resulting for the mission's failure.


Mizunoe was extremely loyal to Danzō and would do whatever he asked of him, no matter what it may be.


Mizunoe is a very tall shinobi, one of the tallest under Danzō's command at the time he was active, with buzz-cut black hair. He wears a standard Anbu attire, an his mask has yellow markings.


As an Anbu, Mizunoe is presumably a powerful shinobi. He wields a sword with him.


  • "Mizunoe" (壬) is the ninth sign of the Chinese calendar.
  • Mizunoe's name was only divulged in a Studio Pierrot Settei of Root members.
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