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Real Identity: Mr. Mxyzptlk Appearances: Mxy's Mix-Up Powers/Skills: Reality Manipulation and Flight Voiced By: Gilbert Gottfried 

Mr. Mxyzptlk is an alien imp from the Fifth Dimension with powers beyond understanding and a pathological desire to create mischief. He often targted "lower lifeforms" like Superman and the Justice League. They would always figure out a way to trick Mr. Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards, "Kltpzyxm". This act banished Mxyzptlk back to his home dimension for 90 days. Mxyzptlk teleported to the grounds of the United Nations Building to protest the swift end to Gorilla Grodd's latest scheme. Stargirl remarked he was cute but had no idea who he was. Mxyzptlk was irritated and gave Superman and Batman mustaches and Supergirl a beard. Batman's assessment of him further annoyed him. Mxyztplk corrected Batman and stated he created mischief, not chaos. He turned the flagpoles keeping Grodd and his army prison into giant bananas. He then took Stargirl's wordplay of his name to heart. He stole the minds of Batman, Superman, and Stargirl then mixed them up in a blender. Batman's mind went into Stargirl's body, Stargirl into Superman's and Superman into Batman's.

Mxyzptlk was thoroughly amused by their misguided attempt to try and stop Grodd's army. Superman suggested they deal with Mxyzptlk. Stargirl stated they needed back up then named Firestorm especially. Batman misinterpreted what she meant and summoned Bravo Squad. Firestorm, Flash, Shazam, Martian Manhunter, Plastic Man, Zatanna, and Cyborg arrived. Mxyzptlk was red with anger and refused to let them spoil his fun. He conjured The Big Wheel of Body Switching then switched their minds, too. Mxyzptlk mused he could do it for millennia and sat on a green couch with a joystick. As Batman deduced, Professor Stein's mind made its way into Mxyzptlk's. Stein assessed his inappropriate laughing as a symptom of hypomania. Mxyzptlk ordered him to get out of his head and swiped at him in vain. Stein theorized he had anthropophomania, fear of other people, then hallunologophogomania, fear of complex scientific terminology, then "Kltpzyxm." Mxyzptlk went on a rant declaring he didn't have any of those fears then realized Stein tricked him into saying his name backwards. He vanished and the League was restored to normal. They defeated Grodd soon after.

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