Mr. Parker (Japanese: ナガイ Nagai) is a character of the day in The Superhero Secret. Mr. Parker owns and operates a toy store located in a town somewhere between the Charicific Valley and Azalea Town, and was best known by his superhero pseudonym Gligarman (Japanese: グライガーマン Gligerman) before he retired. The character of Gligarman was invented by Mr. Parker so he could build up business for his shop. By acting as Gligarman, and then creating figurines, toys, and other merchandise items he was able to sell these to the people living in his town who had grown fond of their local superhero. To help fight crime, Mr. Parker (as Gligarman) used his Pokémon Gligar and his "Gligar Cycle", a type of motorcycle. Reminiscent of other, real-world superheroes, Gligarman used a secret hideout—the Gligarcave—hidden under his mansion. Although once extremely in shape, Gligarman's age had caught up with him and he had become noticeably more tubby. This led to difficulties in acting as Gligarman. Mr. Parker was first shown in his Gligarman costume and, without revealing his true identity, he helped to save Togepi from Team Rocket. Ash and friends later encountered him in his toy shop, and Mr. Parker had to try to hide his identity. Togepi's liking for the shop owner hinted that they had encountered him previously, and Mr. Parker almost gave the game away by using Misty's name, despite Misty never mentioning it to Mr. Parker. After some probing questions, Mr. Parker and his daughter, Latoya confessed and took the trio for a visit in their mansion. Here, it was revealed that Mr. Parker's declining health was forcing him to retire. He had Ash in mind as his replacement, but, following another intervention by Team Rocket, a new masked figure saved the day: Gligirl, who is actually Latoya. The town had a new hero now, and Gligarman was able to hang up his cape and return to his ordinary life as Mr. Parker.

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