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Mr. Touch and Mr. Go are a duo of assassins in the 2003 TV series. Mr. Touch is large and bulky and wears a purple jacket and purple pants. Mr. Go is short and slim and wears a fancy white suit and matching hat, wears his hair in a ponytail, and carries a cane.


Touch and Go were hired by Hun to eliminate the turtles after the Triceratons' invasion. The duo managed to find Splinter and Michelangelo and attacked them. When the pair thought Splinter and Michelangelo were destroyed, they went to their employer to earn their payment. However, this was a ruse so Touch and Go could lead them to their boss, and Michelangelo showed up to defeat them. He proved victorious and managed to knock the duo through the window, where they fell to the ground. However, just as the police arrived, Touch and Go had vanished. Touch and Go

Later, the pair were sent by Hun to prevent Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Nobody from ruining another Foot Clan operation but were once again defeated. Nobody's Fool


Touch and Go draw their power from each other. When they come in contact with each other, Mr. Touch gains super strength while Mr. Go gains super speed. But as time passes and they expend their energy (especially in strenuous activities, such as combat), they drain their power and must come into contact with each other again to "recharge".

In addition, Mr. Go is a skilled martial artist.

Video Games

Touch and Go appear as bosses in the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare.

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