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Mrs. Pancakes is a character from an in-universe TV show called The Days and Nights of Mrs. Pancakes. Mr. Goldenfold has a celebrity crush on her. He oftentimes dreams of being with her. Rick stated that he also watches the show, but was a full season behind at the time.


She appeared in the episode Lawnmower Dog, where Mr. Goldenfold dreamed that she was an airplane stewardess, and that she would fall in love with him. The dream was interrupted by Rick and Morty disguised as terrorists, threatening to blow up the plane. A passenger has a breakdown and kicks down the door to the plane, sending everyone flying outside. As they were falling, Rick and Morty noticed she had a parachute and held onto her. Before she could finish uttering her catchphrase, Rick violently knocks her out with a blackjack, and he and Morty incept her dream, where she is the queen of an S&M dungeon.

Rick and Morty later return to the pleasure chamber after incepting the dreams of the Centaur, the Creepy Little Girl, and Scary Terry. Scary Terry kills her in her dream and she awakes, astonished. He then shapeshifts into a rocket and kills Mr. Goldenfold. Who was lying in a pink heart shaped bed, apparently ready to have sex with Mrs. Pancakes.


Mrs. Pancakes is a relatively beautiful, curvy, African-American woman. She wears a green dress, hoop earrings, and a bracelet. In Goldenfold's dream she wore a pink airplane stewardess outfit with a yellow handkerchief. Further in the dream she wore a bdsm outfit, and had black, spiked hoop earrings, and a distorted tiara.


Mrs. Pancakes is a stereotypical sassy black woman, with strong nymphomaniac tendencies. She is quick to anger, pushing away and saying "You don't know me" to anyone who annoys her, but when she is attracted to someone, she will do the exact opposite. 

Episode Appearances

  • Lawnmower Dog
  • Rixty Minutes (Scrapped)


  • It was revealed in the commentary for the episode Rixty Minutes, that Mrs. Pancakes was originally going to be featured in the episode with a larger role, but the idea was scrapped. Rick would've created the interdimensional cable box to see the season finale of The Days and Nights of Mrs. Pancakes, only to find out that he hated it.
    • The creators also announced that the possibility for her return is still open. Since they had so much fun recording with her voice actress, Melique Berger, both claiming that she was a doll.