Ms. Campbell is a character who appears in the 2012 TV series. She debuted in the "The Alien Agenda" voiced by Cassandra Peterson.


Ms. Campbell is an android agent sent by the Kraang who takes a particular interest in April O'Neil. Unlike the other Kraang-droids, she has no alien pilot, but instead, operates herself with AI. Although not as mechanical-sounding as the male drones, she tends to repeat certain phrases, as if all her speech were pre-recorded. Also unlike the other droids, she has lethal weapons built into her body and is a very powerful fighter. She was able to stand up to all four of the Turtles in combat, but they were still able to defeat her. She was destroyed in battle by having her arms and her face-plate severed, then sprayed with water, short-circuiting her.

In "TCRI", an android identical to Ms. Campbell appears as the receptionist at the front desk of the T.C.R.I. building. Due to the fact that the first Ms. Campbell was destroyed in "The Alien Agenda," this is most likely just a different android of the same model.

She makes another appearance in "Showdown, Part 1 when she and the Kraang are taken out by Metalhead in TCRI.

She makes another appearance in "The Kraang Conspiracy", attacking the Turtles and April. Raph destroyed her by throwing one of his sais at one of her missile-launching elbows, causing her to explode.

She also makes an appearance in "Battle for New York, Part 2" where she [alongside some Biotroids and Irmabots try to stop The Mighty Mutanimals from opening the portal to Dimension X to help theTurtles. 

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