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He is the Commander in Chief of the entire Saiyan Army. He is Prince Vegeta's former partner.

Super Powers

  • Chiaotzu can't Hypnotise him.
  • He can leave a Crater so deep that Piccolo can't even see the Bottom. The amount of Energy that must of taken is outrageous.
  • The Earths gravity is so weak compared to Planet Vegeta that flying around in it is a breeze.


  1. According to Nappa he is the Second Strongest Saiyan in the Universe.
  2. According to Vegeta its strange just a year ago he couldn't beat Raditz and now he is making sport of Nappa.
  3. Vegeta has never heard of anyone increasing there Power Level that much in one year.


A List of People who he Killed.

  1. Yamcha
  2. Chiaotzu
  3. Tien Shinhan
  4. Piccolo Jr.