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Nastina (Japanese: オババ Obaba) is a character of the day in the Pokémon anime.

Nastina's only anime appearance was in the episode Tentacool & Tentacruel. In that episode, she wanted to build a hotel/themepark in Porta Vista. However, it was destroying the habitat of the Tentacool that lived there. After hiring Team Rocket to get rid of the Jellyfish Pokémon, the plan went wrong. One of the Tentacool evolved into a Tentacruel and grew to an enormous size.

The Tentacruel began destroying the city, as well as Nastina's hotel. Misty was able to convince Tentacruel to stop attacking the city, and the Tentacruel sent Nastina (after she tried bargaining for it to be in on of her theme park's shows) flying.

Nastina seems like a loud old lady at first glance but she is willing to do anything in order to get what she wants. She put on military clothes and was shooting at the Tentacruel that was destroying her town.

Nastina has a habit of posing and has hired many men in speedos to pose with her, and work as her servants/minions. She also has a habit of asking people when she offers a reward "Isn't Nastina generous?"

Nastina is revealed to be Brutella's cousin when she is sent flying into Brutella when she was rebuilding her restaurant.

Nastina's English name is a combination of nasty and the common ending of a female name ina.

While her Japanese name, オババ, is her actual given name in the original Japanese episode, the characters do not use it in this context; instead they refer to Nastina by using the name as a play on the term 鬼ばば hag, a somewhat rude term to refer to an old woman. This is also the case for Brutella, who shares the same Japanese name. This explains a running joke in the Japanese version as Nastina is often mistaken for Brutella. This was edited out of the dubbed version, as the episode of Brutella's appearance was initially skipped over.

In the original Japanese version, just like her cousin, Nastina had a speech quirk of sorts where she would add "baba" to the end of a sentence she was saying (referencing her Japanese name Obaba.) This does not occur in the dub.