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Neena Thurman AKA Domino was a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants who saved Toad from the MRD. She also apologizes to Rogue because of her inconvenience with Toad. She later persuaded Rogue to join the Brotherhood. During the Brotherhood's attempt to assassinate Senator Kelly, she asked Rogue to absorb Warren Worthington Jr.'s memories and know Kelly's whereabouts. When the Brotherhood was all set, she fired a bullet but it was stopped by the X-Men. In an alternate future, Domino is one of the mutant prisoners of the Sentinels. She was later recruited to join Professor X's X-men in that timeline. Together, they took down a group of Sentinels.

Powers and Abilities 

Probability Manipulation: Domino is capable of manipulating the outcome of her actions to a point.