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Neuron was a member of the Inner Circle, under the role of the White Bishop.

After the death of Rat, Mastermind called him in to kill the X-men. However, Wolverine managed to outwit Neuron by using his sensory amplification ability to drive him into a berserk rage. Terrified, Neuron attempted to cause him more pain, but discovered Wolverine has lost all sense in his rage, leaving him to die at Wolverine's hands.

Powers and Abilities


Sensory Amplification: Using strips of seemingly flesh that could be projected from his body, Neuron would connect to other people and amplify their senses to super human level. However, since normal bodies cannot handle the sensory input at such a level, he could then kill his targets by doing so little as clicking his fingers. While fighting Logan and Hank McCoy he showed the capacity to alter the extent at which the senses were amplified. Similarly so, the two, who possess heightened senses as a result of their mutations seemed to be more resistant to this ability than its previous victims.


  • While his ability was very potent, Logan was able to overcome it by entering his Berserker Rage.