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A Ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village.

History Edit

While on a covert mission to steal a kinjutsu from the Sugi Village, he, A, and Karai were set upon by the mercenary Nokizaru Group who had been hired to retrieve the scroll. Though initially telling his comrades to ignore the taunts of the group, he falls prey to it when they chide the Raikage for running away. Turning to face his opponents he uses a technique and immediately swelled to giant proportions and then exploded.

Personality Edit

Nigai was a cautious and level-headed shinobi, evident when he pleaded with the Fourth Raikage to ignore their opponents taunts. But at the same time he is fiercely loyal to his village as he later succumbed to their taunts and attempted to attack them.

Appearance Edit

Nigai was a dark-skinned shinobi with dark-brown dreadlocks reaching his shoulders. He wore the common Kumogakure uniform with an upturned collar. He wore his forehead protector in a bandanna style.

Abilities Edit

Nigai was capable of manipulating Lightning Style nature transformation to perform a wide-ranged attack.

Lightning Rat Tremor: After performing the needed hand seals, the user releases a discharge of electricity that fires several destructive disks of electricity which home in on the targets.

Trivia Edit

  • "Nigai" (苦い) literally means "bitter".
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