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Nee (ニー, ) is a Greenman and Shiemi Moriyama's Familiar.


Tamer. It was immediately friendly and affectionate towards her and even began sitting on her head. Later on, When Paku is attacked by a Naberius in the bathhouse, Nee quickly grows aloe so that Shiemi can treat the Mashō Paku received from the Naberius. The following day, during detention, two more Naberius attack the Pages and this time Nee put up a protective barrier made of a gnarled tree.[3] When Shiemi faints, Nee is no longer able to hold the barrier, but the Naberius is defeated by Ryuji reciting it's fatal verse.[7]

The night Shiemi recovers from fainting, Nee sits with her in her mother's Exorcist Shop as she works and she thanks it for protecting her and her friends.[8] That same night, Nee helps Shiemi treats Rin's wounds from his breif altercation withIgor Neuhaus. The following day Nee is in attendance when it announced that everyone passed the Exwire Authorization Exam.[9] A few days later, Nee accompanies Shiemi on a mission at the amusement park, which is located on the True Cross Academy campus. Nee chases the Ghost of a little boy all around the park and even protects Shiemi from debris falling off of a nearby roller coaster.[10]

Powers & Abilities

Plant Creation: Nee has the ability to rapidly grow plants, such as aloe, which Shiemi can use to treat Mashō.[6]

Body Growth: Nee has the ability to grow considerably in size, making itself almost double the size of Shiemi.[11]