250px-Nikola and Magearna

Nikola (Japanese: エリファス Éliphas) is a character in the third XY series movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. He is a scientist who created Magearna 500 years ago.


Nikola was a great master of arcane science who built the Azoth Kingdom. He used Pokémon skills as an inspiration to create many wonderful inventions. These inventions are said to have brought great riches to the kingdom. He also built the wall surrounding Azoth kingdom. Part of the wall can separate and convert into a floating fortress which was designed to be used in times of emergency. However, Nikola eventually sealed off the fortress due to an uprising about who would control that power.

Nikola also created Magearna and presented it to the royal family 500 years ago. Magearna acted as the princess's playmate, and also acted to protect the princess and the kingdom. While it was made to bring happiness, the power was abused to incite war and hatred. As a result, Nikola hid Magearna so that it could not be found by anyone.


He is said to be a great man who wanted his inventions to bring happiness to both people and Pokémon. He is greatly admired by Rali and Clemont.

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