Nina Crocker, also known as Timezone and Flashback, was a Dakota teen with the power to travel time.


Nina was a kid without any trouble in the world. One night, she took a bike ride past the docks of Dakota. Sadly, it was the night of the Big Bang, and Nina got caught by the gas.

Her powers did not manifest until later, and inspired by the good example of Static and Gear, she went to look them up. Ebon had gotten wind of her, however, and wanted to use her for his Meta-Breed. The ability to travel time would allow them an advantage over the police. He confronted Nina in an alley, but found the scene joined by Static and Gear. After a brief struggle, Nina transported them ten minuted into the past, and they made their getaway to the Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude.

Some time later in the park, Gear revealed Nina to Static, now in costume and calling herself Timezone. Visibly attracted to Gear, she let him explain everything to Static. They devised a plan to travel back in time and stop the riots from escalating. Before they could go, Ebon interrupted them and damaged the remote. They were all sucked into the past.

Arriving at a different place than Static and Gear, Ebon captured Timezone and took the remote. He took her toAlva Industries, where he stole a tanker truck full of Bang Baby gas. He had planned to create his own Big Bang, in which he could decide who would become Bang babies. Static battled Ebon, while Gear saved Timezone. In the process, the tanker truck crashed into a gas station, and the fuel pumps caught fire. Timezone brought the travelers and the tanker truck back to the future before it could cause any more harm.

Back in the park in the present time, Nina stole the heavily damaged remote from Gear. She used it to travel back in time to steal her own bicycle; that way, she would not be at the docks at the time of the Big Bang and she would never get powers. It worked: Nina Crocker was a kid without a trouble in the world once again, having no memory of any of her adventure and doesn't remember being a Bang Baby.


Nina had the power to time travel. Her energy waves disrupted the space-time continuum, and allowed her the ability to move through it exponentially. In order to control it, Gear made a space-time demodulator out of an old remote.


In the episode, Nina is constantly referred to as "Timezone", but in the credits, she is called "Flashback".Flashback is a Milestone character: Sara Quinones (the sister of Fade) had the ability to move time back three seconds.

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