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Norman Osborn is a deceased industrialist and father to Harry Osborn.


Little is known about the life of Norman Osborn. He was in charge of Oscorp Industries.

He was apparently hard on his son Harry, who always lived in his shadows. Harry tried to live up to Norman, but he simply was not as smart as his father.

At some point, his company was testing weapons. Dr. Curt Connors was caught in an explosion that took his arm. Connors blamed Norman but could not prove so in court.

Through circumstances unknown, Norman was killed. No one knows how and no charges were brought to anyone. However, Harry blamed Spider-Man and sought revenge for him.

In the following months, Harry was tasked with maintaining his father's legacy as well as cleaning his office. Though he was attacked by Connors who became a large lizard creature.


The series was based on the first Spider-Man film, where Norman was played by Willem Dafoe. The movie featured Norman becoming the Green Goblin, figuring out Spider-Man's identity, nearly killing Mary Jane Watson, and killing himself with his own glider. To protect Norman's reputation and Harry, Spider-Man stripped him of his goblin costume and returned him to Harry. Harry misunderstood what Spider-Man was doing and blamed him, hence Harry's quest for vengeance in the series.

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