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The Joy in Viridian City is my Little Sister. Im the older Joy. She heard nice things about Ash. She introduces Ash to the Pokemon League Regional Championships. 


To compete in the Regional Championships you need to beat Gym Trainers from different towns and get there Gym Badges as proof. Gym Leaders are different than your everyday Pokemon trainer. They are much more tougher. 

  • As Gym Leader Brock has to accept every Gym Challenge. 
  • Ash has been with Pikachu for about 2 weeks. According to Brock Ash's Pikachu is in its cutuest stage. 
  • We will use 2 Pokemon each. 


  • This episode establishes that there are multiple Nurse Joys who are all part of a large extended family.
  • The poster in the Pokémon Center uses type symbols from the TCG, specifically from top to bottom, the Electric, Psychic, Grass, Fighting, Fire, and Water symbols.


  1. EP076