The Pokémon Center on Tangelo Island is on a hill, looking over the city and ocean. The Pokémon Center looks like a log cabin, with a large 'P' over the doorway. On the side, it has a large swimming pool to hold Water Pokémon in, or to just let the Trainers relax. The Center is run by Nurse Joy. There is a poster in here for the Orange League.


Ash first met Lapras on Tangelo Island when he and his friends saw it being abused by three boys who were trying to get it ready to fight the Orange Crew. Pikachu's Thunder Shock was able to send the trio running. Tracey examined Lapras and realized it needed help. He gave Ash medicine to give it while he went to tell Nurse Joy. However, Lapras refused to take the medicine from Ash. They then took it to the Pokémon Center, where Nurse Joy explained that Lapras was afraid of humans. Soon, Ash gained Lapras's trust after he saved it from Team Rocket. Later during that episode, Lapras decided to become a part of Ash's team.


The Lost Lapras Viva Las Lapras


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