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Oa is one of the main locations seen in Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Here it is well settled, with massive sky scrapers located every where on the planet. From space the planet is seen to have two rings encircling it, one in the north, and one in the south. The massive cities below give a circular appearance on the surface from space. Altogether it gives the planet an appearance of a Green Lantern Battery.

Green Lanterns

Green Lanterns
Abin Sur

Abin Sur(Challenge of the Super Friends) Abin Sur(Emerald Knights) Abin Sur(Flashpoint Paradox) Alan Scott(Green Lantern) Anti-Monitor Apros Ardakian Trawl Arisia Arkkis Chummuck Aya (Green Lantern Animated Series) Beast Boy(Teen Titans Go!) Boodika Boodikka Bruce Wayne(Batman) (Batman: The Brave and the Bold) Bruce Wayne(Batman) (The Batman) Ch'p Ch'p(Duck Dodgers Universe) Chaselon Chaselon(Green Lantern: The Animated Series) Driq Duck Dodgers Dulok G'Nort G'Nort (Justice League Action) Galactic Positioning System Galius Zed Ganthet Green Zarro Grumb Guy Gardner(Green Lantern) (Earth-16 Universe) Guy Gardner(Green Lantern) (Earth-23 Universe) Guy Gardner(Green Lantern) (Lego Universe) Hal Jordan Hal Jordan (Duck Dodgers) Hal Jordan (Flashpoint Paradox Old Timeline) Hal Jordan (Injustice Gods Among Us) Hal Jordan (Justice League: Doom) Hal Jordan(Brave and the Bold) Hal Jordan(Green Lantern) (Earth-16 Universe) Hal Jordan(Justice League Action) Hal Jordan(Lego Universe) Hal Jordan(New 52) Hal Jordan(Sinestro Corps) Hal Jordan(The Batman Universe) Hannu Hirunan Isamot Kol John Stewart(Green Lantern) John Stewart(Green Lantern) (Earth-16 Universe) John Stewart(Green Lantern) (Justice Lord) John Stewart(Green Lantern) (Teen Titans Go!) Kai-Ro Katma Tui Katma Tui (The Brave and the Bold) Ke'Haan Kevin Smith Kilowog Kilowog(Justice League Action) Krona Kyle Rayner(Green Lantern) Lanos Larvox M'Ten Medphyll Mogo NautKeLoi Palaqua Penguin (The Batman Universe) Power Ring Queen Iolande RRU-9-2 Salakk Sayd Science Director Scott Mason(Green Guardsman) Shyir Rev Sinestro Sinestro (First Flight) Sinestro (The Brave and the Bold) Spol Squagga Stel Tahvaarus Thaal Sinestro Tomar Re Tomar Re(The Batman Universe) Victor Stone(Cyborg) (Teen Titans Go!)


  1. Guardian Appa Ali Apsa


  1. Anti-Monitor
  2. Atrocitus
  3. Aya (Green Lantern Animated Series)
  4. Sinestro