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As Ash arrives in Viridian City, he is stopped by an Officer Jenny, who gives him a ride to the Pokémon Center after his Pokédex confirms his identity. While Nurse Joy is attending to Pikachu’s injuries, Ash calls his mother and Professor Oak, the latter of whom is surprised to discover that Ash is already in Viridian City. When Ash mentions the strange golden Pokémon he had recently seen, Professor Oak is skeptical that Ash had actually seen an unidentified Pokémon.

Afterwards, the girl whose bicycle was “borrowed” by Ash storms into the Pokémon Center and rages at Ash for what his Pikachu did to it. When Ash explains what happened, the girl’s concern shifts to Pikachu’s well-being.

At that moment, an alarm in the Pokémon Center sounds and Team Rocket invades the building, recites their motto, and tries to steal all of the Pokémon in the center. Nurse Joy begins transporting as many Pokémon as she can to the Pokémon Center in Pewter City while Ash tries and fails to fend off Ekans and Koffing with a Rattata and Pidgey contained inside Poké Balls that have been knocked to the floor. The girl, named Misty, tries to help with her Goldeen, but it is unable to do more than flail helplessly due to the lack of water.

Ash tries to flee with Pikachu’s stretcher, but Pikachu suddenly wakes up from running into Misty’s bicycle. The other Pikachu at the Pokémon Center surround Ash’s Pikachu, healing it as well as delivering a powerful electric shock to Team Rocket. Using power from Ash pedaling the burned bicycle, Ash’s Pikachu hits Team Rocket with a powerful Thunder Shock attack that, after getting mixed with Koffing's gas, results in a colossal explosion that destroys much of the Pokémon Center.

Following these events, Team Rocket decides that Ash’s Pikachu is no ordinary Pikachu and make it their mission to capture it for their boss. They are sent blasting off when a piece of debris punctures their Meowth-shaped balloon while Ash, Pikachu, and Misty continue to the Viridian Forest, with Misty having decided to follow Ash until he replaces her destroyed bicycle.


  • Officer Jenny said that Ash was a Pokémons trainer instead of a Pokémon trainer.