The Gym Leader is a character of the day who appeared in Great Bowls of Fire!. As the title suggests, he was the original Gym Leader of the Blackthorn Gym until his passing. The Gym Leader was first mentioned by Kaburagi in Fangs for Nothin' after Dragonite fired a Hyper Beam at Ash and his friends when Team Rocket lied to her about protecting the Dragon Fang from the group, where he mentioned that she belonged to him and did not feel the same after he passed away. The Gym Leader than appeared in a flashback in the next episode where he was dedicated to protect the Dragon Holy Land. However, the original Gym Leader passed away and as a result, Dragonite volunteered to take the Gym Leader's place. Since his passing, other people including Clair became the new Gym Leader of the Blackthorn Gym as time went on

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