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Oliver Queen was once the heroic archer, Green Arrow. When the government forced the heroes to cease their activities, Green Arrow refused. During an altercation, Green Arrow lost his left arm and was sent to prison. He blamed Superman for everything. He managed to escape and continued to operate quietly from the shadows. The government covered up his escape and his work. Since they couldn't admit he existed, Queen was free to act. Despite having one arm, Queen used his teeth to grip the nocks of his arrows.

Five years later, Queen made a risky trip to Gotham City and met with Bruce Wayne at his manor. Knowing Batman and Superman were slated for a showdown, Queen wanted a shot at Superman. Wayne obliged him. Queen's role was to fire a Kryptonite arrow at Superman in the climax of the battle. Queen hit his target and fled the scene in the Batmobile with Robin. While Bruce Wayne's funeral was held, Queen led the Sons of the Batman and the Mutants to a new cavern to serve as Batman's base of operations and got them started on setting things up.

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