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Real Identity: Oliver Queen Affiliations: Justice League Appearances: Shazam Slam (Night of the Bat and Abate and Switch) Powers/Skills: Archery and Marksmanship Voiced By: Chris Diamantopoulos 

Outfitting himself with arrows that shoot tear gas, smoke, nets, and more, Green Arrow has a trick shot for every obstacle.

Superman was concerned about Batman pursuing Uthool of the Brothers Djinn alone so he sent Green Arrow to provide back up. He landed on the hood of the Batmobile and fired a net trick arrow that pinned Uthool to a wall. Batman braked and sent Arrow into some trash cans. He sprang up and boasted he had the agility of a cat. Uthool broke free, dodged their Batarangs and Boxing Glove trick arrow, and scaled the building to the roof. Arrow managed to wrap up his legs with a bola trick arrow and he fell off a rooftop into a dumpster. Batman caught to him first and ended up possessed. On the ride back to the Hall, Green Arrow kept going on about scuffing the car so "Batman" ejected him into the river. Arrow eventually made his way back to the Hall and confronted "Batman" in the power core room. He easily dodged his arrows and back handed Arrow. Superman arrived, prompting Uthool to reveal himself. Green Arrow took Cyborg, who was still reeling from a high voltage overload, to safety. They reached the lobby the same time as Superman and Uthool. Arrow quickly opted to try another floor and closed the elevator.

Green Arrow was summoned to the House of Mystery by Constantine after he got a distress call from Batman. To counter the Brothers Djinn's power nullifying spell, Arrow suggested they switch costumes and looks. Batman didn't like the plan and left to get back up. Arrow posed as Superman and vice-versa. Somehow, the plan worked and together with Swamp Thing, Arrow uppercut Nyorlath. However, Black Adam emerged from the reopened volcanic fissure the Brothers targeted and turned them into monsters. Green Arrow was pursued by Abnegazar to the top of the volcano. With Batman's help, they forced him to fall into the lava below but it had no affect so Batman froze him with some freezing pellets. They jumped on Abnegazar and dislodged him then he fell into Constantine's portal. Once all the Brothers and Black Adam were defeated, Arrow professed he thought Shazam would fit right in with the Justice League.