Oni 4

Oni General #4 is one of Tarakudo's Oni General who could summon the Sumo Khan. His mask was worn by Captain Black.


It looks mostly green, it also has purple eyes and orange hair.



Hundreds of years ago the nine Oni generals were sealed in masks, where they were helpless and could not use their powers.

Season 4

In Black Magic, his mask was found on a totem pole. Hak Foo tried to put on the mask, but he once again failed and the mask ended up on Captain Augustus Black. The mask was removed at the end of the episode with the use of Japanese seaweed.

In Ninja Twilight, after the nine masks was joined together, all of the Oni generals were freed and tried to destroy the world. Number 4 went with Oni General 3 to one of the four corners of the earth. They were briefly defeated by El Toro Fuerte but Tarakudo managed to capture him. After Jade put Tarakudo's mask on his face, all the Oni and Shadowkhan were imprisoned within.


Season 4

  • Ninja Twilight
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