Darkseid's Soldiers.


  • The Parademons appear the final season of the Super Friends (1985–1986) with their vocal effects provided by Frank Welker. When Darkseid became a recurring villain, the Parademons followed (although the use of the word "demon" on television was often protested by parents' groups). Thus, Darkseid's minions were sometimes referred to as "para-drones" on that show.
  • Parademons have also been seen in several episodes of Superman: The Animated Series, most notably in the "Apokolips...Now!" two-parter. They were last seen in the final episodes of Justice League Unlimited, following a resurrected Darkseid's attempt to take over Earth once more. They are non-speaking creatures and usually appear as invading armies.
  • The Parademons appear in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "The Knights of Tomorrow!" A few of them along with Kalibak pursue Question after he uncovered Darkseid's plans to invade Earth. In "Darkseid's Descending", the Parademons take part in the attack on Earth. Additionally, a Parademon appears in part 2 of the two-part episode "The Siege of Starro", as one of the statues that represent the warriors defeated by the Faceless Hunter.


  • The Parademons appear in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. They appear driving a tank trying to destroy Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Big Barda when they arrive on Apokolips to save Supergirl.
  • The Parademons are shown coming out of a Boom tube in a post-credit scene in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.
  • The Parademons are heavily used in Justice League: War with their vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker. In the film, they are not inhabitants of Apokolips, trained to be soldiers for Darkseid like in the comics, but aliens from conquered worlds, transformed by nanomachines into an army of killers. Desaad even tries to transform Superman into a "Super-Parademon" by using these nanomachines, but the process is interrupted by Batman.


  • We never see how Batman frees Superman from the Parademon infection. One moment he's trying to kill Batman, the next they are both coming out of the Boom Tube and they are completely fine. Not to mention they are now wearing some kind of armor chest plates that are never explained.
  • Right before the Parademons attack, Steve pulls Wonder Woman away from the ice cream stand saying that the President is waiting for them. Yet in Wonder Woman's next scene after the Parademons attack she has to fly up to Air Force One to rescue the President and the First Lady. How could the President be waiting for them if he was on a plane in flight?
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