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Pariah Dark is one of the most powerful ghosts in existence. Even his basic ghost powers are at levels above other ghosts.

  • Intangibility: Standard ghost power.
  • Invisibility: Standard ghost power.
  • Flight: Standard ghost power.
  • Overshadowing: Standard ghost power.
  • Ghost Ray: Pariah Dark's ghost rays were strong enough to destroy Vlad's ghost shield and knock out both Danny and Vlad at the same time. Even without his full power, they were strong enough to cause Danny and Vlad to turn back into their human forms.
  • Supernatural speed: He can move and fly at incredibly fast speeds.
  • Supernatural strength: He was able to drain 60% of the energy of Danny’s Ecto-Skeleton, which made Danny 100 times more powerful, in one hit.
  • Supernatural endurance: He was able to take three of Danny’s Ecto-Skeleton-enhanced ghost rays at the same time and showed only minimal discomfort.
  • Immortality
  • Supernatural stamina: He survived for thousands of years, with no debilitating side effects, inside the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep. This ability also allows him to handle the power contained within the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire.
  • Size Alteration: He can vary his size to appear larger than normal.
  • Teleportation: He teleported the entire city of Amity Park to the Ghost Zone.
  • Summoning: Pariah can summon a huge ghost skeleton army that obeys all his commands. The number of his army seems to be unlimited.
  • Projection: He can project an image of himself over an area to watch over it. He used this power to view Amity Park while he was in his castle.
  • Spectral Body Manipulation: He has a ghost tail at times.
  • Telekinesis: He seems to have a form of telekinetic power, as shown when his thrown mace misses Danny, but then turns back and hits him on its own.