An old man was one of the survivors of the attack of Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 on Parsley City, trapped in an overturned car. The man had a son who was murdered by Android 17 during the attack (implied in the FUNimation original and remastered dubs to be the same boy who Android 18 thought was cute and was angered with 17 for murdering), getting him enraged enough to attempt to shoot Android 17, weakly shouting "You demon! That was my son you killed!". Unfortunately, Android 17's enhanced body structure allowed the bullet to bounce off his head and notice the old man, with the old man attempting to drive him away futilely by repeatedly shooting at him with his handgun. He then ends up at the mercy of 17 (who intends to play "draw" with him by pointing his laser gun inches from the old man's chin), stating he can not spare the old man since "he shot first". However, he is narrowly saved by Future Trunk's Ki Blast aimed at 17, bracing for the Ki blasts impact with a building. He is later helped up after Androids 17 and 18 are vanquished by Trunks, who expresses sympathy to his mourning for his son by stating that he knew a man he viewed like a father who was killed by the Androids. In the manga, however, he is killed by Android 17 before Trunks shows up.

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