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Web-Slinger is a Cowboy version of Spider-Man from the Wild West Dimension.

Physical Appearance 

Web-Slinger wears a dark brown cowboy hat, a spider designed bandana and poncho with a spider symbol on the front and back, a beige vest and white shirt underneath, dark brown pants, and beige cowboy boots.


He use to be a total coward, eager to run away from a fight instead of fighting until Spidey showed him that he must always be brave and to help people any way he can. He was also very blessed and grateful when he was reunited with his Uncle Ben.


At an unknown point in time he lost his uncle to Doc Ock holiday and decided to carry on his legacy and become the Web-Slinger.

He is first seen escaping with Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid from the Phantom Rider on horses but when he caught up to them he seemingly ditched them. But he next breaks them out of jail claiming he faked his retreat to rescue them and revealed his Uncle Ben was the last sheriff and once went up against Ock and was never seen again so nobody could. After his shooting hand was injured by Ock, he left the fight, but after realizing his uncle would've wanted him to fight, he returned. After Spidey defeated Ock, the Phantom Rider revealed himself to be Uncle Ben and that Ock used the shard to turn him into his unstoppable deputy. Afterwards Doc Ock Holiday was arrested and Ben Parker became sheriff again. In the end he was forgiven for running away, Spidey and Miles got the shard, and left to the next dimension.


  • Web Guns: he has guns that can shoot webs.
  • Horse: he travels with a horse.


  • His dimension is the only known when Uncle Ben survived.