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Web Beard is a pirate version of Spider-Man from the Pirate Dimension.

Physical Appearance 

Web Beard has a brown beard and wears a spider mask/bandana, navy pirate hat, blue jacket, red cloth on his waist, navy pants, and brown pirate boots.


He speaks in a pirate accent and was very stubborn and cross until Spidey showed him and his crew how to work together and he even gave them the piece of the Siege Perilous. He always been protective towards his coconut companion, whom considered him his only "friend".


At an unknown point in time he had a crew and treasure but was accused by his crew that he wanted to take the treasure for himself so they stranded him on a deserted island but he managed to take the treasure.

Web Beard first fights Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid thinking they were after his treasure when his old crew showed up on his ship The Groot. They fought off until the Kraken showed up and attacked Groot. They then realized that Spidey was right to work together and with teamwork they defeated the Kraken. He then gave them the shard for their help and they left to the next dimension.


Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4


  • He is the third spider whose dimension has it's own special physical design, the first one being Spider-Man 2099 and the second being Spider-Ham.