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Mermaids are a race from Planet Earth.


A Mermaid appeared in "Goku's Rival? Appears". Turtle Hermit asked Son Goku to find and bring back a pretty girl for him, and if Goku succeeded he would be trained by him. Goku brought a pretty girl back to Turtle Island on the Flying Nimbus and Turtle Hermit found that she was a Mermaid. Alhough he was put off by her tail at first, he proceeded to hit on her. She then slapped him and jumped back into the ocean. Mermaids were never seen again.

Her being able to ride on the Flying Nimbus implied that she may have been pure of heart.

Voice Actor

  • Japanese dub: Sumi Shimamoto


  • The Mermaid is wearing a shirt that has 'PIE PIE' written on it.