Plymouth Rocker (Earth-12041) 005

An unnamed bank robber was stealing money from Boston's bank which failed thanks to Spider-Man and was sent to prison. Later he was freed by Ollie aka Steel Spider along with the other two criminals, given three high-tech armors and took the name "Plymouth Rocker" in their new armored supervillain team the Boston Terroriers.

Then he and his teammates go after Spidey and managed to take him down for their leader, only for Spidey forgiving Ollie. Plymouth Rocker and his teammates soon discovered there's a 10 million dollar reward on the webhead from the latter's words and were determined to get it.

Plymouth was the last one to be defeated by Spidey and Steel Spider.

Powers and Abilities

Plymouth Rocker has no powers but relies on his armor which gave him:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman agility
  • Superhuman durability


  • Plymouth Rocker's Armor


  • 207. "Spidah-Man!"
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