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Potaufeu (ポトフ星 'Potofu-sei') is a planet somewhere in Universe 7. It is said to hold a mystical sleeping power, which is the Superhuman Water. However, these rumors were proven false. There is a deadly weapon held on this planet, named Commeson, able to absorb a person's power and create an exact copy of them.



It is covered with large mushrooms and desert land.


According to Potage, the only current inhabitant of Potaufeu, the inhabitants were very weak in combat, but they were very intelligent and widely accustomed to technology.


The inhabitants developed Commeson as a weapon in order to protect themselves from invaders. Many invaders fell prey to this weapon, with the created copies wreaking havoc and destruction all over the planet. Rumors were spread to other planets, including the Galactic Patrol, of the "Superhuman Water", baiting more invaders. Eventually, Commeson was too dangerous and posed a universe-wide threat, so the inhabitants of Potaufeu sacrificed their lives to seal the weapon. Potage has been protecting the seal of Commeson, which has a reputation of being the Superhuman Water, for over a hundred years.

Known Inhabitants

  • Potage


  • Potaufeu's name presumably comes from "Pot-au-feu", a type of French beef stew.
  • The fact that the inhabitants of the planet were stated to be weak in combat, but smart and well-versed in technology makes them similar to the Tuffle race.