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Princess Zanda was the ruler of the African nation of Narobia, her whole life she has been pressured by her parents to act like a proper princess; constantly being told to focus on her duties and not to speak out of place. However she grew up to be vain with self esteem issues, believing herself to be superior and proving it to others, this further grew when she discovered her new abilities.

At some point Zanda invited T'Challa to a festival of hers which he refused as she sent six of her warriors to kidnap him, though she claimed that part of her tradition.

More recently, Princess Zanda had joined the newly reformed Shadow Council for seeing her true greatness and worth. She infiltrated New Attilan under the guise as Crystal to find a piece of the Panther's Key while she knocked out. With the arrival of Black Panther and Ms. Marvel she was able to trick them into finding the key piece for her and trap them where she hid the real Crystal. The three of them were able able to break free before Zanda could escape. They were able to retrieve the key with Princess Zanda having no choice to escape without it as King Black Bolt and Queen Medusa had arrived to their location.

Powers and Abilities


Shape-Shifting: Princess Zanda has the ability to turn into anyone and any living creature, her voice even changes to match the being she shifted to. Zanda can gain the abilities of whatever creature she turns into such as a bird for flight, but cannot copy an individual's capabilities of other Inhumans, Mutants or even enhanced Humans.


Princess Zanda has some knowledge of rare artifacts, she's also a skilled combatant.