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What? Fugitoid? He's back? Wait.

If there are two sets of us in this universe, then there would be two Fugitoids as well.
[warbling and whirring] Hello, my dear friends.
My name is Professor Zayton Honeycutt.
How would you like to go on a wondrous adventure? - Wow, space? - Really? That sounds incredible.
Dudes, that is so sweet! Space is awesome, guys, and if there's one guy in the universe you can trust, it's the Professor.
Thank you, Leonardo.
Perhaps we'll all meet again in the future.
- We'll miss you.
- Good-bye, Sensei.
[all cheering] Hold up! Wait for us! I think we must talk about this.
- Later! - Don't eat the Vanarian muffins! [ship zooms] Got to say, I've seen a lot of weird days, but this has got to be one of the weirdest.
Have I got some stories for you, pal.
I would like to hear some stories as well, my sons.
How about first thing tomorrow, Sensei? Tonight, I need some sleep.

[eerie music] [mysterious music] [beeping]