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Queen Deluca, the queen of Mesmaria, was once a kind queen until corrupted by the cursed Green Emerald of Khufu, centuries ago. She and her brothers created The Great Rift which destroyed Mesmaria and she was sealed inside her crystal. Her husband King Zahbar(in the form of a hawk) kept searching for her. Aladdin eventually discovered the chest that she and her brothers are locked up and King Zahbar stole the emerald to bring his queen to life by sunlight. She transforms King Zabar into a giant hawk and goes to Agrabah to retrieve the rest of the jewels and free her brothers and take over Agrabah. she seals the sultan and Jasmine into jewels while unleashing her brothers, only to get into a fight with them for power. King Zabar says to get rid of the Great Rift is to destroy the Queen Deluca's emerald, which Aladdin and his friends manage to do. After the spell is broken, everything is returned to normal, with Queen Deluca no longer evil, the Great Rift gone, and Jasmine and the Sultan back to normal.

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