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A Pimp Named Slickback takes Tom to his palatial home and tries to teach Tom that he can extort respect from women by hitting them and tells Tom to refer to his wife as a "bitch". He pits Tom against "Sweetest Taboo" (voiced by Miss Kittie) one of his prostitutes, who begins to treat Tom very disrespectfully. When Tom refuses to hit her, she promptly begins to savagely beat him up. The lesson is interrupted when "Quiet Storm," a prostitute who works A Pimp Named Slickback's extensive surveillance network, reveals that Usher and Sarah have agreed via her MySpace, which Tom did not know she had, to meet that very afternoon. Finally showing a little spine, Tom angrily demands that A Pimp Named Slickback take him there immediately. The pimp decides to, impressed that the "nigga" can get some bass in his voice after all.


  • When Quiet Storm complains about having slow internet (ironically, a dial-up connection, despite the enormous appearance of the computer), A Pimp Named Slickback berates her for "starting this 'we need a new computer' shit every time a new iMac comes out," probably referring to Apple's constant releases of updated versions of existing products, such as the many new iPods and the iPhone 3G.