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Ra is the Egyptian god of the Sun and the King of the Egyptian Gods who appears in "Hercules and the Romans."

Alongside Bastet and Khnum, Ra meets the request by the Romans for worshiping deities. But when the three Egyptians arrive to the Eternal City, it is revealed that their real intent is to mold it in the image of their homeland - and, for that, enslave the citizens.


Powers and Abilities

Being a god, it is assumed that Ra:

  • is an immortal, and cannot die;
  • can shape-shift, and is really able to alter his own size to titanic proportions;
  • can teleport from place to place instantly;
  • is extremely strong;
  • has the potential to do magic, including shooting explosive balls of energy from his rod;
  • is skilled at combat enough to dodge the slash of Nemesis and defeat her easily.


  • In the episode, Ra was the only one among Egyptian Gods to speak and didn't sound animal-like.
  • Unlike the Olympian deities in the film, Egyptian Gods' bodies and items were not glowing all the time; only when on attacking where Ra was the only one to glow his entire self, and others only glowed partial or item-only.
  • Ra was seen to call someone on "phone", using his rod.