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Red Raven is one of Raven's split personalities released by the Mysterious Prism in the episode Colors of Raven. She represents her anger, as she is always angry. She is voiced by Tara Strong.


When Raven was divided by The Mysterious Prism Red Raven was one of the personalities that emerged. She mainly likes to punch Cyborg and Robin and also loves comedies. After leaving Titans Tower, she attacks Robin and tried to attack Starfire, but is captured by her instead. She reappears in Some of Their Parts when Green Cyborg and Robin picked her in order to make a better team. When Robin decides to split himself into his five core personalities, Green Cyborg is sucked back into the Mysterious Prism.


Red Raven looks and exactly like Raven, only she wears a red cloak and (almost) always has Raven's four, demonic eyes. She also has a skull buckle on her cloak.


Red Raven is always very angry, constantly raging about everything or beating people up whenever she's annoyed. Even when something good happens to her, she will still get mad and hurt people. When she chased Starfire and Robin, she was like a mutating cobra.

Episode Appearances

Season 1 

  • Colors of Raven (debut)

Season 2 

  • Video Game References (cameo)
  • Some of Their Parts


  • Her eyes glow in the same manner as Raven's does when she becomes demonic or enraged.
  • Her voice is also highly included when she is demonic, a speech akin to when her normal self combined with the other's, when possessed by her father's influence.