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Rali (Japanese: ラケル Racel) is a character in the third XY series movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. He is the prince of the Azoth Kingdom, Chymia's brother, and a descendant of Magearna's creator Nikola.


Ever since he was a boy, Rali always adored Nikola and many times he would spend the entire day in his room reading texts and performing experiments. As a result, Rali became close to Alva, the counsellor and an arcane science researcher. Due to this, Rali trusts completely in Alva and believes obtaining Magearna is for the good of the kingdom.

He is first seen in the movie meeting Magearna and introducing himself as the prince of Azoth kingdom. Later, when Alva successfully captures Magearna, Rali expresses his excitement that their plans can succeed. However, Alva quickly betrays Rali and has Gengar use Mean Look on Magearna. He opens the hatch on Magearna's chest, revealing its Soul-Heart, which he tries to remove. Rali tries to stop him, but Dohga holds him and forces him to watch as Alva removes the Soul-Heart. Alva tells the horrified prince that he will now be able to seize control of the Azoth Kingdom before having Gengar put Rali to sleep using Hypnosis.

After Alva is defeated, Rali wakes up and rejoins his sister. At the end of the movie, with Ash's advice, Rali goes out on a Pokémon journey of his own with his Slurpuff.


Rali has a large interest in arcane science and Nikola. He believes that knowing the past, including Magearna, is the way to the future.

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